Advice for Applicants


Fellowships and scholarships

A strong applicant has maximized their undergraduate experience. Here are some suggestions:

  • Take challenging courses
    GPA is important but so is the range and difficulty level of study, including courses outside your major.
  • Communication skills
    Essays and interviews are an integral part of the scholarship application process. Fortunately, many of our liberal arts courses will help you develop the skills to construct a well-written or spoken argument.
  • Seek internships or volunteer experience
    Preferably in your field or related. This can begin in your Freshmen year with Community Learning but should continue and evolve in nature.
  • Summer
    Don’t forget the summer can also be a time to gain additional experiences.
  • Study abroad
    If possible, take advantage of study abroad or travel opportunities.
  • Extra/Co-curricular activities
    Get involved in organizations, whatever resonates with you.
  • Leadership
    Demonstrate your leadership abilities, make things happen. This does not only mean having a title; can you point to an accomplishment you initiated?
  • Practice
    Apply for smaller scholarships, essay contests. The more often you write personal statements, the better they should become.
  • Start early
    Research potential scholarships and fellowships and begin the application process early.
  • Research
    Take advantage of research opportunities or creative projects with faculty or outside the college.
  • Reflect
    What are your goals, what have you accomplished? Think about getting from “HERE” to “THERE”.
  • Know people
    Take or create opportunities to meet faculty, staff and other students.
  • Explore your knowledge
    Read books outside of your course, newspapers, professional journals. All of these sources will become a reservoir of ideas, inspiration and information.