Presidential Initiatives

Full-Time Faculty Task Force

The Full-Time Faculty Task Force is a 14-member group comprised of faculty and administrators assigned to develop recommendations to assist the College in meeting its Strategic Plan objectives related to increasing the ratio of full-time to adjunct faculty. The group was charged with: 

  1. Preparing a set of recommendations for a hiring plan that will provide the framework to strengthen the fulltime faculty in accordance with objectives from the Strategic Plan:
  2. Proposing a vetted set of mission critical metrics that are responsive to our current austere budgetary conditions but also support an equitable distribution of full-time faculty across the campus.
  3. Assessing the strategy of using lectureships and visiting professorships as a means to improve the faculty-student engagement, overall academic service for students, the scholarly work of the faculty, long-term college reputation for excellence, and support for the faculty diversity plan.
Performance Planning

First launched in Fall 2021, Performance Planning is a process that enables all stakeholders on campus to propose ideas that activate that community's collective vision and explore new possibilities focused on realizing a brighter future the College.  Whether transformational or a small improvement, ideas are submitted via a request for proposal process, presented to campus, and, if approved, implemented and funded (when new funds are necessary).

Visit the Performance Planning Website 

office hours with president sams

As part of his student-centered approach, President Sams holds weekly office hours by appointment, where he meets with small groups of students to discuss  their ideas about the College, their thoughts on key issues, and more.

Community Talks

Each month, President Sams will host fireside chats that are open to the college community to discuss topics that relate to the campus community, local community, or society as a whole. For February, he will be discussing the Residential College Model. Please join President Sams on February 9, 2022, at 2:30 PM by registering here (via Zoom) or in person by registering here.

A beige and green poster with a picture of Dr. Sams that says Community Talks Hosted by President Sams on February 9, 2022 at 2:40 PM on Zoom and In Person. Topic is Residential Colleges. Please register using the links provided.
School-Based Lectures

Launching in the Spring 2022 semester, each of the 4 schools, School of Arts and Sciences, School of Education, School of Business, and School of Professional Studies, conduct a lecture that serves as an example of teaching, research, engagement in learning that is reflective of SUNY Old Westbury’s Mission. Please see the schedule below of the lectures happening this semester:

  • Cold War Long Island: February 23 –  2:40 PM

    • Prof. Karl Grossman (American Studies/Media & Communications) and Dr. Christopher Verga (Suffolk County Community College) 

    • Register Here

  • An American Sickness: A Closer Look Into the American Healthcare System: March 8 – 2:40 PM 

    • Dr. Veronika Dolar (Politics, Economics, and Law)

    • Register Here

  • We Charge Genocide: A Contextualized Review of Consequences of Police Violence:  March 23 – 2:40 PM

  • Pharaonism as Racial Nationalism in Egypt:  March 29 – 2:40 PM

Student Collections

This is a monthly speaker/lecture series for OW students based on their class level (First Year and Second Year Student Group, and Junior and Senior Student Group). Each session will be facilitated by internal or external partners who embody an OW value and/or is knowledgeable in that respective area. Please see the schedule below for the Student Collections Sessions for the Spring 2022 semester:

First Year and Second Year Student Sessions

Junior and Senior Student Sessions

  • Inclusive Wellbeing: Finding Balance and Inner Peace Amid Uncertainty - 2:40 PM

  • Dr. Sofia Pertuz

  • Register Here