Advisory Groups

A number of permanent and short-term advisory groups inform Dr. Sams' leadership of SUNY Old Westbury. Below is a list of standing organizations or committees that have an official charge, meet regularly, and report on findings and recommendations.

campus - external

The SUNY Old Westbury College Council is an advisory body to the University comprised of up to nine members appointed by the Governor of New York State and one student elected from the student body.  Partners in serving the University's students and helping the institution respond to challenges and opportunities available to it, the community leaders who sit on the College Council meet multiple times a year to become informed of University activities and issues, to review major plans of the institution, and to enact regulations and policies as outlined in New York State Education Law.  

Headshot of Mili Makhijani

Ms. Mili Makhijani, Chair

Headshot of Melissa Archbold

Ms. Melissa Archbold

Headshot of Phillip E. Elliott

Dr. Phillip E. Elliott

Nicolette Fiore-Lopez

Dr. Nicolette Fiore-Lopez

Headshot of William Hohauser

Hon. William A. Hohauser

Headshot of Cania Infante

Ms. Cania Infante

Headshot of Martha Maffei

Ms. Martha Maffei

Headshot of Theresa Regnante

Ms. Theresa A. Regnante

Headshot of Scott Reich

Mr. Scott D. Reich

Ms. Amira C.T. Richardson

Ms. Amira C. T. Richardson

Student Representative, 2023-2024

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Old Westbury College Foundation Board of Trustees

The Old Westbury College Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to assisting the State University of New York at Old Westbury in matters related to fund-raising and community relations.  The Board of Trustees of the Foundation is comprised of leaders in the fields of banking, law, education, construction, medicine, religion, and more. Representing communities and industries across the metropolitan New York area, these professionals, both collectively and individually, lend support and advice in support of the growth and development of the University.

Board of Trustees

nora bassett

Ms. Nora Bassett, Chair

joseph p sheehan

Mr. Joseph P. Sheehan, Vice Chair

Headshot of Keith R. Engley

Mr. Keith R. Engley, Treasurer

Kyle Anderson

Dr. Kyle Anderson

Headshot for Richard Best

Mr. Richard R. Best

Headshot of Ravishankar Bhooplapur

Mr. Ravishankar Bhooplapur

Lorraine Cadogan Cochrane

Dr. Lorraine Cadogan-Cochrane

Headshot of Gary Casmir

Mr. Gary Casimir

Timothy Coners

Mr. Timothy Coners

Steven Connolly

Mr. Steven Connolly

Headshot of Elizabeth Custodio

Ms. Elizabeth Custodio

Headshot of Tracy L. DeAngelis-Busch

Ms. Tracy L. DeAngelis-Busch

Headshot of Donald Gelestino

Mr. Donald Gelestino

Dr. Faroque Khan

Dr. Faroque Khan


Headshot of Larry Lawson

Mr. Larry Lawson

Rhonda Maco with hand on chin

Ms. Rhonda Maco

William King Moss III

Mr. William King Moss III

Alexander Mun

Mr. Alexander Mun

Derek Peterson

Mr. Derek Peterson

Headshot of Luis F. Ras

Mr. Luis F. Ras

Ms. Amira C.T. Richardson

Ms. Amira C.T. Richardson

Headshot of Kerry Ruoff

Ms. Kerry Ruoff

Viviana L. Russell

Ms. Viviana L. Russell

Erich Schwartz

Dr. Eric Schwartz

Headshot of Magdy Shady

Dr. Magdy Shady

Chandler Zhang

Mr. Chandler Zhang