Performance Planning

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Through Performance Planning

Everyone in our community is is urged to propose an idea that activates our collective vision and explores new possibilities that can help realize an even brighter future our College.  

If you have an idea -- whether it be transformational or a small improvement -- I encourage you to submit a proposal. 

Here is how to make it happen:

Come up with an idea.

Collaborate and turn it in.​ 

Present your idea.

Get approved  ​& get funded!

2022-2023 Institutional Priorities

All proposals must respond to at least one of the following institutional priorities. 

Strengthen the college Infrastructure

Strengthen the College Infrastructure to improve the wellbeing and growth of OW community members:

  1. Faculty to include:
    1. Pay Equity
    2. Teaching
    3. Research
    4. Service & Faculty Governance
      1. Chairs (professional and institutional impacts)
      2. Governance
  2. Staff to include:
    1. Pay Equity
    2. Professional Development
    3. Services for Staff
  3. Students to include:
    1. Affordability
    2. Student Engagement
    3. Seamless Student Services
    4. Retention & Graduation
    5. Preparation for post graduate success
    6. Wellness, Safety & Belonging
    7. vii.Career Placement and Advancement
  4. Effective Collaborations (Silo-Busting*)
    1. Transparency
  5. Customer Service 
    1. Training/Development
    2. Expanded hours
  6. Environmental Sustainability*
Improve Institutional Capacity

Improve Institutional Capacity to include:

  1. Use of Technology & Space
  2. Fiscal Management & Financial Stability
  3. Course Availability
  4. Registrar Services
  5. Enrollment
  6. Fundraising
  7. External Resources*
    1. Partnerships & Externships
    2. LI community/business leaders and community at large (local community, business partners, partner with higher education institutions
    3. State and Federal Partnerships
  8. Assessment 
    1. College-wide
    2. Divisional 
  9. Improve Business Process Review and Optimization
  10. Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) Accessibility across the College*
Innovate Transformative Programs

Innovate Transformative Programs to include:

  1. Elevate the College’s Identity, its Brand and Spirit
    1. Amplify HSI/MSI programs*
    2. Campus Beautification
  2. Signature Programs:
    1. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)
    2. DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)
    3. Additional Academic Programs
  3. Residential College *
  4. Social Justice Center
Advance Educational Models

Advance Educational Models

  1. Curriculum Development 
  2. Resources
  3. Pedagogical Innovation
  4. Instructional Modalities
  5. Online Education
  6. Policies and Procedures
  7. Enhance Technological Infrastructure
  8. Applied/Experiential Learning (Curricular & Co-Curricular)
    1. Internships
    2. Other forms of applied learning
Advance A Culture of Excellence

Advance a Culture of Excellence: Initiate efforts (programs, systems, initiatives) that enhance and establish a culture of excellence.

  1. Collaboration
    1. Transparency
    2. Encouraging dialogue, social interactions across units
  2. EIT Accessibility
  3. Service and Faculty Governance
  4. Wellness & Belonging
  5. Assessment

Examples: Teaching and Learning centers, Tinker Center, Think Tank, Faculty Center... 

Align with the College's Mission & vision

Mission Statement

SUNY Old Westbury is a dynamic and diverse public liberal arts college that fosters academic excellence through close interaction among students, faculty and staff. Old Westbury weaves the values of integrity, community engagement, and global citizenship into the fabric of its academic programs and campus life. In an environment that cultivates critical thinking, empathy, creativity and intercultural understanding, we endeavor to stimulate a passion for learning and a commitment to building a more just and sustainable world. The College is a community of students, teachers, staff, and alumni bound together in mutual support, respect, and dedication to the Mission.

College Vision Statement: 2018 – 2023

Old Westbury, SUNY's most diverse campus, is a regional academic leader that fosters personal growth and prepares students to embrace the social and environmental responsibilities of our 21st century global community.


Are you ready to submit your ideas?

The deadline has been extended to October 25th, 2021!

Download the Performance Planning Request for Proposal template, collaborate with others, and submit. If you have any questions email us at