Enrollment Verification

Verifications of enrollment can be processed only after the add/drop period (generally, after the first week of the semester). Verifications are processed in accordance with State University of New York Administrative Policies and Procedures governing the definitions of enrollment status. A student achieves full time status with a course load at SUNY Old Westbury of 12 or more credits. Students enrolled for up to 11 credits are considered part time. (For financial aid purposes, enrollment of 1-5 credits is deemed less than part time.)

Enrollment Verification Instructions:

  1. Login to the ConnectOW Portal
  2. Look for "Banner" card > "Banner SSB" icon
  3. Under "Student Records" heading, click on "Enrollment Verification" link.
  4. Follow instructions to obtain enrollment verification.

Please note: The university seal is not required. Send back the form you received from your insurance company with the enrollment certificate. If your insurance company, employer, etc. will not accept the document as is, please contact the National Student Clearinghouse for assistance.

SUNY Old Westbury has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment and degree verifications to employers and background screening firms requesting this information.

The National Student Clearinghouse can be contacted at:




National Student Clearinghouse
2300 Dulles Station Boulevard, Suite 300
Herndon, VA 20171

Veteran's Enrollment Verification

Students expecting to receive Veteran's Administration benefits must be certified by the Office of the Registrar after registration. To receive certification by the Registrar, the student must submit appropriate documentation, including: V.A. Certification of Eligibility and Discharge papers, certified by the County Clerk.