Office of Services for Students with Disabilities

SUNY Old Westbury and the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (OSSD) are committed to providing a supportive and academically challenging environment for all undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities who attend the College.  The College does not have a specially designed program for students with disabilities, but instead offers an array of support services and accommodations that are coordinated by the OSSD.

In all efforts, the College and the OSSD work to provide students with disabilities a learning and community environment that affords them full participation, equal access, and reasonable accommodation of their disabilities.  Students are encouraged to visit the OSSD office to meet the staff and learn more about the services available.

Students seeking accommodations and services must identify themselves to OSSD and request an appointment to discuss their needs and requests. Students are encouraged to register with the OSSD as soon as possible after admission to the College to ensure timely provision of services. Students should register in person at the OSSD. 

Up-to-date documentation of a disability is required for services; accommodations are provided based on individual needs and circumstances. 

Contact Us

Stacey DeFelice, Director
Office of Services for Students with Disabilities
Academic Building, Room 2065
Phone:  516-876-3009
Email: defelices [at]