For Students: Requesting and Receiving Accommodations Virtually

How do I get my disability documentation to the OSSD?

All documentation to support your Accommodations Request MUST be emailed to Stacey DeFelice at

Recent high school grads may send or have their school district send the most recent IEP/neuropsychological evaluation to the above email.

Transfer students who received accommodations at their previous college may send or have the college send their most recent accommodation letter to the above email.

Students who are requesting accommodations but never received accommodations in grade school or college before may provide documentation from a licensed professional as outlined in Documentation Specifications which can be found under Forms & Policies

Upon receipt of your documentation, Stacey DeFelice will contact you via your Old Westbury email to schedule an accommodations meeting with you.

How do I let my professors know what my accommodations are?

Once you have had a virtual appointment with Stacey DeFelice, you will receive an email confirming your approved accommodations. Once they are approved, your accommodations letter can be accessed through a link provided in the email. You should then email the letter to your professors to make them aware of your approved accommodations.

How do I schedule a test with an extended time accommodation?

It is good practice to email your professor 1-2 days before the scheduled exam to let them know you want to use your extended time accommodation for that particular exam.

How do I schedule a reader or scribe for an exam?

Email our accommodations coordinator Natalie Caesar three days before the exam to schedule a reader or scribe. The reader or scribe will work with you virtually via Microsoft Teams.

What if I have an accommodation issue during a class or exam?

If your professor is unable to remedy your access issue during a class or exam, contact a member of the OSSD staff on Microsoft Teams, where one of us will be available to discuss the issue.

How do I get in touch with a member of the OSSD staff?

Director, Stacey or call or chat with me on Microsoft Teams: Search Stacey DeFelice

Accommodations Coordinator, Natalie or call or chat with me on Microsoft Teams: Search Natalie Caesar

Secretary, Malini or call or chat with me on Microsoft Teams: Search Malini Kumar