Virtual Accommodations Info for Faculty

How will I know if someone in my class has accommodations?

Students registered with the OSSD are expected to access their accommodations letter digitally and email it to you. Please acknowledge receipt of any accommodations letter you receive.

How will it work if a student has extended time on quizzes/exams?

Students will be prompted to remind you via email if they intend to use their extended time accommodation on a particular quiz or test. Exam times can be extended in Blackboard for individual students. (Contact Chandra Shehigian at if you need technical assistance with extending exam times.)

What if a student needs a reader or scribe for an exam?

If a student requests a reader or scribe for an exam, a member of the OSSD staff will reach out to you for a copy of the exam. An OSSD staff member will read or scribe the exam for the student via Microsoft Teams at the prescribed exam time.

What are some basic things I should be doing to ensure that my virtual course is accessible to students with disabilities?

  • Make sure all documents are in readable Word or PDF formats (many students use screen readers)
  • All images and photos should have alt-text captions.
  • All videos should have a captioning option.
  • Post PowerPoints used during synchronous lectures to Blackboard.
  • Contact IT Instructional Design Support Chandra Shehigian for assistance with any of the above.

How do I get in touch with an OSSD staff member if I have a concern about a student?

Although we are all available via email, the quickest way to get a response is to call or chat in Microsoft Teams.


Stacey DeFelice to speak or text chat with the Director

Natalie Caesar to speak or text chat with the Accommodations Coordinator

Malini Kumar to speak or text chat with the Secretary

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