Curriculum - M.S. in Data Science

Core Courses: 21 credits (7 courses)

The largest component of the degree is the Core which includes the three disciplines of Statistics, Computer Science and Data Science.

Statistics Courses

  • MA 6510: Statistics I
  • MA 6520: Statistics II

Computer Science Courses

  • CS 6010: Algorithms and Programming Techniques
  • CS 6020: Introduction to Databases
  • CS 6030: Data Warehousing

Data Science Courses

  • CS 6110: Data Analytics I
  • CS 6120: Data Analytics II

Plus Courses and the Culminating Experience: 15 credits (5 courses)

The plus courses, CS 7510: Communication and Presentation and CS 7520: Project Management, are non-standard for science majors, however, they are of utmost importance as skills in the workplace. Capping the degree are a required applied learning experiences:

  • CS 7510: Communication and Presentation
  • CS 7520: Project Management
  • CS 7910: Analytics Project I
  • CS 7920: Analytics Project II
  • CS 7800: Internship