School of Professional Studies

The School of Professional Studies offers a variety of programs oriented toward developing skills and knowledge needed for specific occupational areas. The School offers high quality, flexible courses of study attuned to the needs of the current workplace that prepare students to compete successfully in the global marketplace. Its programs include two baccalaureate degrees, a Bachelor of Professional Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts and General Studies, a minor in Entertainment and Sports Management, and a minor in Congregational Leadership that it offers in collaboration with the History and Philosophy Department.


The mission of SUNY Old Westbury’s School of Professional Studies is to support the College’s core academic programs by offering quality, affordable career-oriented training and skills enhancement consistent with the College’s mission.

Degree Programs

The School of Professional Studies offers two degree programs.

Both of these programs are characterized by the flexibility of their major components.  

  • The Major in the BS in General Studies is created individually by a student in consultation with an advisor.  
  • The Major in the BPS in Professional Studies includes a core of courses designed to equip students to function effectively as professionals in a variety of fields, and an elective component.


Part of the flexibility of the School of Professional Studies’ programs comes from the fact that students are encouraged to pursue Minors as well as their Major in order to gain focused skills and readily-identifiable credentials in specific vocationally oriented areas. The School of Professional Studies currently offers a Minor in Entertainment and Sports Management, a Minor in Congregational Leadership, and students can also take minors offered by Old Westbury’s other departments.

Evening and Weekend Students

Courses offered by the School of Professional Studies will be scheduled on weekends, in the evening, and online.  Courses offered by other schools in the College utilized by programs in the School for Professional Studies may not be available at these times, but Liberal Education can be completed through classes offered online and in the evening.  Most majors offer some courses online and at night, and a number of minors can be completed outside of weekday daytime hours.  The School of Professional Studies will advise students on the most efficient way to complete their degree, and appropriate course substitutions can be made with permission of the Director.

Transfer Students

Students can apply up to 80 credits earned at other accredited institutions of higher learning toward their Old Westbury degree.  Transfer credits will be applied to degrees offered by the School of Professional Studies based on their appropriateness as determined by the Director, subject to the policies of the College specified in the “Transfer Credit” section of the College catalog and existing equivalencies and articulation agreements. 

Credit for Prior Learning

Old Westbury offers a number of ways for incoming students’ to get credit for their prior learning: credit by Examination, credit for Military Training, and credit awarded for experiential learning (the College’s Accreditation Program for Experiential Learning, or APEL).  The School for Professional Studies will advise students on how they can take advantage of these opportunities to gain credit for their prior learning and advance as quickly as possible to their degree.  Information about the various programs is given in the College Catalog.  (Note that such credit is included in the 80 credit limit mentioned in the “Transfer Students” section above; students must take at least 40 of the 120 credits required for a bachelor’s degree at Old Westbury.)

Non-Credit Professional Development Courses

The School of Professional Studies offers a variety of non-credit professional development courses on Paralegal and Legal topics in partnership with the Center for Legal Studies.  Students are awarded an Old Westbury Certificate of Completion for each of these courses completed. 


Edward Bever, Ph.D.
Director, School of Professional Studies
Campus Center, Room H-213
Phone: 516-876-3998
Email: Bevere [at]