Advisory Council

Serving for the 2013-14 academic year

External Members

  • Beryl Bailey,  Principal, P.S. 195, Queens, New York  (OW Alumna)
  • Dr. Kenneth Card, Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum/Instruction, Huntington UFSD, Huntington, New York
  • Dr. Joseph Giani, Assistant Superintendent, Huntington UFSD, Huntington, New York
  • Verone Kennedy, Principal, Riverton Street Charter School, St. Albans, New York (OW Alumnus)
  • Dr. Lynnda Nadien, Principal, Smith Street School, Uniondale UFSD, Uniondale, New York (OW Alumna)
  • Michael Pyle, Social Studies Teacher, Central Islip High School, Central Islip, New York
  • Brenda Triplett, Assistant Principal, Smith Street School, Uniondale UFSD, Uniondale, New York

College Members

  • Dr. Julio Gonzalez, Interim Dean, School of Education, Chairperson of Advisory Board
  • Dr. Barbara Hillery, Dean School of Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. Amy Hsu, Chairperson, Childhood Education
  • Dr. Diana Sukhram, Chairperson, Exceptional Education
  • Dr. Judy Lloyd, Chairperson, Adolescence education
  • Dr. Fernando Espinoza, Director of Graduate Programs
  • Vincent Juba, Director of Field Experience / Certification
  • Victor Visconti, Retired Asst. Superintendent, Middle Country School District  (OW English Adunct)