Visual Arts Professor Selected as Artist-in-Residence at Hawthorne Valley Farm

Post with the text THE FOLLYFIELDS RESIDENCY BRINGS TOGETHER TWO VISIONARY HUDSON VALLEY ORGANIZATIONS MILLAY ARTS & THE HAWTHORNE VALLEY FARM TO PRESENT ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE PATTY HARRIS.  Patty Harris will be creating a site-specific installation at the Farm. She will also be conducting collaborative workshops with the community, CSA members, families, and students of the Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School.

Patricia Harris, Associate Professor in the Visual Arts Department, is the first artist to take part in the FollyFields Residency, a new initiative hosted by Millay Arts and Hawthorne Valley Farm. The inspiration for the project is to bring together artists and writers with people engaged in biodynamic farming. 

Harris' piece, "Milkweed Phenology," incorporates steel panels along a path at the farm, and explores the various stages of the milkweed plant.  

A carving of a Milkweed plant on a steel panel installed along a dirt path

Of her work in the residency, Harris said: “It was wonderful to spend time at the farm and learn something about the life cycle of plants and animals there. I walked the grounds with research scientists and learned about the evolving patterns of the movement of water, the ways in which the landscape has been reshaped for various uses, and the phenology of the humble milkweed planet. Milkweed is everywhere and plays a vital part in the lifecycle of the Monarch butterfly. I was fascinated by the varied forms the plant takes as it goes from full bloom, to spiky deadends, to seed pods, and finally to an explosion of seeds and glossy filaments that carry the seeds on the wind. It was this series of changes in form, and how it serves the life of the plant as well as Monarch butterflies, that interested me. I'm glad I was able to depict this narrative through a series of designs along the cow path.”

In addition to teaching at SUNY Old Westbury, Harris has worked on public art projects, exhibitions and shows including PS1/MOMA, Exit Art, PS122, and in Warsaw, Berlin, and throughout New York. Harris has completed work as a designer for Scholastic, McGraw-Hill, Columbia University, and has won two design awards in children's publishing at The New York Book Show. 

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