Women's Center

Six students attending a Women's Center event

The Old Westbury Women’s Center is a learning center, operating under Academic Affairs, which provides many resources and services for Old Westbury students, faculty, staff and administrators.  Our hours of operation vary slightly each term, based on student staffing and special events, but they are generally Monday-Thursday, from 10-6.

Our Center is a safe space where interns can help direct you to appropriate services on and off campus, such as counseling services for anxiety and/or depression, or information on where to go if you need support for sexual assault or harassment.  If you have questions on many issues related to women or to gender, such as eating disorders, reproductive rights, equal pay, etc. we can advise you of available services or counseling or advocacy and organizing efforts, at Old Westbury, on Long Island, or in New York City. 

Importantly, student interns and volunteers develop digital and community outreach campaigns on multiple issues such as feminism, women’s health, intimate partner violence, and campus sexual assault. 

The Center also organizes programming that addressing gender in multiple contexts, from the Gender Talk series that features faculty research, community activism, or career expertise, to Student Symposium’s featuring students research on Gender and Sexuality, or Gender and Immigration, to talks by speakers such as novelist Julie Otsuka, The Buddha in the Attic, to artists such as Tatyana Fazlalizadeh (Stop Telling Women to Smile), to activists such as N. Jerin Arife, founder of the digital activist group, Young Feminist Alliance.