Jillian Crocker

Jillian Crocker's picture
Assistant Professor
New Academic Building
Courses Taught
  • Family & Society
  • Gender & Society
  • Policing Bodies
  • Research Methods I
  • Sociological Theory I & II
  • Senior Seminar
  • Ph.D. Sociology, University of Massachusetts - Amherst (2014)
  • Certificate in Advanced Feminist Studies
  • B.A. University of Richmond
Research Interests
  • Inequality; Gender & Work; Labor & Labor Movements; Race, Gender, & Class; Teaching & Learning
  • Crocker, Jillian. 2019. “‘We Will Handle It Ourselves’: The Micropolitics of Resistance in Low-Wage Care Work.” Sociological Perspectives.
  • Ikeler, Peter and Jillian Crocker. 2018. “The Continuity of Work: Class Consciousness in Service and Non- Service Jobs.” Economic and Industrial Democracy.
  • Crocker, Jillian. 2017. “Dupe, Schemer, Mother: Navigating Agency and Constraint at Work.” Studies in Symbolic Interaction. 
  • Crocker, Jillian. 2016. “Individual Constraint and Group Solidarity: Marginalized Mothers and the Paradox of Family Responsibility,” in Courpasson and Vallas (Eds.), The Sage Handbook of Resistance.
  • Crocker, Jillian and Dan Clawson. 2012. “Buying Time: Gendered Patterns in Union Contracts.” Social Problems. *Finalist for 2013 Kanter Award for Excellence in Work-Family Research