Sample Pre-Health Curriculum Outline

A semester-by-semester outline of the suggested 4-year sequence from the Office of Pre-Health Professions.

This sequence is separate from any curriculum outline leading to a degree. General education requirements are also not included in this outline. Please consult a faculty advisor in the department of your major to coordinate this sequence with your degree requirements.

Year 1


  • Principles of Chem I 
  • Principles of Chem I Lab
  • Precalculus 
  • English 
  • FYE 


  • Principles of Chem II
  • Lab Principles of Chem II
  • Basic Biol Science I
  • Basic Biol Science I Lab
  • Calculus I
  • English
  • FYE

Introduce yourself to the premedical advisors
Familiarize yourself with, especially "Aspiring Docs"

Year 2


  • Organic Chem I 
  • Organic Chem I Lab 
  • Basic Biol Science II 
  • Basic Biol Science II Lab 
  • Calculus II


  • Organic Chem II
  • Organic Chem II Lab
  • Statistics
  • Sociology

Initiate your file with the Health Professions Advisory Committee in spring.

Year 3


  • Physics I 
  • Physics I Lab 
  • Biochem I 
  • Biochem Lab


  • Physics II
  • Physics II Lab
  • Psychology

Build the contents of your file with the Health Professions Advisory Committee.
Start preparing for admissions tests.
Take admissions test (MCAT, DAT, etc.) in summer.

Year 4

It is strongly recommended that advanced courses in biology and/or chemistry be taken.

Apply to health professions schools or alternatives.