Co-Curricular & Summer Programs

The Office of Pre-Health Professions also manages a variety of programs that provide professional and applied learning experiences in medical and research positions.

SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

  • The Exploring Health Careers program takes place in the summer and exposes students to a variety of career options in the health professions through faculty presentations, shadowing opportunities in clinics and affiliate sites, and information about the application process.
  • The Early Medical Education Program takes place in the summer and seeks to increase the competitiveness of pre-medical students, early in their college career by providing exam preparation and academic support. Students will learn time & stress management skills and have an opportunity for hands-on exposure to medical disciplines through shadowing experiences with clinicians. Successful participants are guaranteed admission to SUNY Downstate’s College of Medicine.
  • SPRINTER Is a unique summer research experience that combines basic science with health disparities and community-based research. SPRINTER provides:
  1. Research methodology skills
  2. Hands-on research
  3. Discussions on social determinants of health
  4. Networking opportunities
  5. Community engagement and outreach opportunities
  6. Training in basic science techniques

Stony Brook Renaissance School of Medicine

  • Pre-Medical Access to the Clinical Experience (PACE) allows undergraduate students who are in their junior and senior years and have self-identified as a pre-med student to shadow Stony Brook School of Medicine faculty members in private practices, and in the hospital, inorder to increase their exposure to clinical experiences and their ability to successfully apply to medical school. PACE Scholars are also provided sessions on “How to Study,” “the AMCAS Application,” “Professional Communication,” “Professional Etiquette,” “the MCAT,” “How to Write a Personal Statement,” and “Relieving Stress.” These sessions are facilitated by Stony Brook School of Medicine faculty and medical students. PACE Scholars are also mentored by our medical students.