ICaRE Summer Science Program


A female student in a science lab

The Summer Science Program offered by the ICaRE(Institute of Cancer Research and Education) at SUNY Old Westbury provides High School students with an opportunity to learn biotechnology, molecular biology of cancer, cell biology, cancer immunology, biochemistry, cell signaling, or neuroscience under the mentorship of Faculty and current Undergraduate students. Students will learn how laboratory science can be translated into improved human health and will engage in investigative experiences. Our program gives students the opportunity to virtually:

  1. Understand the process of the scientific method used by real scientists
  2. Apply knowledge to a real world problem and gain research skills
  3. Learn key laboratory methodologies
  4. Learn critical reading of peer-reviewed literature on an unknown topic
  5. Gain experience presenting scientific work through writing and oral presentation
  6. Have fun learning about the science!

Who is this program designed for?

  • As of January 2023, students in grades 9-12 who would like to be introduced to core laboratory and research skills.

How to apply

Submit the following application materials to icare@oldwestbury.edu

  • Copy of school transcript
  • Resume/CV
  • Essay (500 words or less) explaining your interest in science and laboratory research
  • A letter of recommendation from a science teacher who can speak of the student’s knowledge and interest in doing science

Program Timeline:

  • Applications period begins March 15; ends June 15.
  • May 1: Notification of acceptance starts

Sessions (May be added if there is high demand)

  • Session 1:​ 7/10– 7/14​
  • Session 2​: 7/17 – 7/21​
  • Session 3​: 7/24– 7/28​
  • Session 4​: 7/31 – 8/4​
  • Session 5​: 8/7 – 8/11​

Program Details:

  • Each one-week module will provide students with an introduction to core research methods.
  • Additional weeks will build upon the materials and will be individualized for each student.
  • The tuition for a one-week module is $900
  • Payment: All payments are due 1 WEEK after receipt of notification of acceptance and invoice. Lack of payment may forfeit your spot in the program.
  • Tuition is NON REFUNDABLE
  • Students MUST bring their own lunch​

Research topics that may be covered include:

  • Cancer cell biology:​

Learn about research methods used to study the molecular and cellular mechanisms that regulate different types of cancer. ​

  • Biochemistry / Molecular Mechanisms of Disease: ​

Students that choose this session will be able to study enzymes that are important therapeutic targets for disease and how enzymes work at a molecular level.​

  • Immunology:​

This research area focuses on the role of the immune system in cancer, obesity, and brain tumors.​

  • Neuroscience:​

Several topics encompassing neuroscience include examining neurons involved in metabolism, Alzheimer’s disease, and neuroglia cells.​

  • Microbiology:​

Students will learn methods on how to use micro-organisms, such as bacteria, in research.​



The schedule will include live lectures, discussions, group work, and presentations and will be provided prior to the start of camp.