Study Skills and Tutoring Services

Study Skills, Tutoring Services and other support services are designed to improve academic and non-academic development and skills for program students are provided through a variety of methods designed to effectively assess, strengthen and improve academic and personal development. 

These services are designed to involve the student, faculty and the EOP professional counselor in the evaluation process to determine what type of tutoring/study skills, academic support and non-academic support is best suited for each individual student.

What we have learned at the campus level is that program students benefit most if we conduct an evaluation of each student’s academic and non-academic needs before providing tutoring/study skills services.  The EOP counselor also conducts periodic interviews with program students.

Program students can also receive tutoring/study skills services through the College wide areas such as: Writing Center, Math Lab, STEP program, Office of Students with Disabilities and academic departments that offer tutoring/study skills services.  Program students also have access to online tutorial services in their Powertrack Math class and other online tutoring programs offered by various academic departments at the College.