Honor Society

The Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD) is an international honor society for sociology and criminology. The name comes from the first letters of the Greek words anthropon (humankind), katamanthanein (to investigate thoroughly) and diakonesein (for the purpose of service).  The purpose of AKD, therefore, is to acknowledge and promote excellence in sociological scholarship, the research of social problems, and other social and intellectual activities that may lead to improvement in the human condition.  

Membership is by invitation and is based on academic qualifications.  At Old Westbury, AKD invitees are typically Sociology and Criminology majors who meet the following criteria:

  • 3.5 or better GPA overall

  • 3.5 or better GPA in the major

  • Junior or Senior standing

  • 16 or more credits completed in the major

AKD sponsors an academic journal, Sociological Inquiry, that is committed to the exploration of the human condition in all of its social and cultural complexity.  In addition to the honor of being inducted, AKD student members receive a year's subscription to the journal, and are eligible to apply for awards and grants to attend professional conferences.The Sociology Department houses the Beta Alpha Chapter of the International Sociology Honor Society.