Inauguration Supporters

Thank you to our sponsors and donors for supporting the "Meet the Leaders" program and to those who are assisting in covering costs of the inauguration and installation. 

"Meet the Leaders" Sponsors

  • Presidential Sponsor
  • Contributing Sponsors
    • American Campus Communities
    • Gary Casimir ‘88/BK9 & The Cook Group
    • Co-Source Solutions 
  • Supporting Sponsors
    • Champion Elevator
    • Colony Pest Management 
    • Flagstar Bank, N.A.
    • Long Island Association
    • Northwell Health Glen Cove Hospital
    • The Russell Friedman Law Group, LLC 

Presidential Inauguration Donors

  • The Bunaes Family
  • Paul Butler and Sylvia Carey-Butler
  • Ty Foster
  • L. Ham
  • Julie Jellinek and Kevin Burnett
  • Ralph and Davida Johnson
  • The Kinane Family
  • Cheryl Lee-Bennett
  • Jonathan and Andrea Lofton
  • Quentin Messer, Esq. and Kenya Messer
  • Lewis and Valerie Michaux
  • Tonita Orr
  • Joni A. Poitier, Esq.
  • Joseph Poitier
  • Harold and Alice Powell
  • The Sams Family
  • Khalyn Solomon
  • The Stamper Family
  • The Stolls
  • Karla Taylor
  • Zanith L. Toomes
  • Ingrid Tucker and Family
  • Cynthia White
  • Giselle Whitfield