Management, Marketing & Finance

Whether you are interested in joining the corporate ranks or beginning your own enterprise, you'll need the skills and knowledge to manage an array of people and tasks no matter the organizational setting into which you enter.

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The Management, Marketing & Finance Department offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with four specializations to help you the set course for your future:

  • Management Specialization: Prepares students to manage people and tasks in a variety of organizations by focusing on the delivery of management knowledge and the practice of effective skills.
  • Marketing Specialization: Enables students to acquire analytical and communication skills in sales, marketing, and distribution in preparation for entry into today’s dynamic marketing environment.
  • Finance Specialization:  Develops a student's analytical skills in the area of financial and economic analysis, and to enable a better understanding of the interdependence among financial markets and their impact on domestic and international economies.
  • General Business Specialization: Provides students with a strong foundation in the functional areas of business and with the necessary theories and interpersonal skills to assume positions of responsibilities in a variety of industries, organizational types and/or functional areas.

An emphasis on breadth, general knowledge and analytical skills pervades all levels of the undergraduate curriculum.  

Albert Murphy
Chair of Management, Marketing & Finance


Joel Feiner, Assistant Dean
School of Business
Phone: 516-876-3331
Email:  feinerj@oldwestbury,edu