Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The Biological Sciences Department offers research opportunities for qualified undergraduate students. Students with a strong academic record and an interest in research are encouraged to work with one or more of the biological sciences faculty on selected laboratory projects. 

The following topics represent the research interest of the Biological Sciences faculty:

  • Tejas Bouklas: Microbiology: Fungal Pathogenesis, Microbial Persistence and Resistance
  • Maria Zulema Cabail: Immunometabolism, Cell Signaling, Cellular and Molecular Immunology, Obesity at the Cellular level, Metabolism.
  • Patrick Cadet: Neurobiology, Opioid Neurobiological Mechanisms and Neuroimmunology of Invertebrates
  • Rita Colón-Urban: Microbiology: Mechanisms of Antibiotic Resistance
  • William Gillis: Developmental Biology
  • Manya Mascareno: Cancer: Cell Biology and Gene Expression Changes
  • Fernando Nieto: Microbial Ecology (Microbiome Studies & Phage Biology)

  • Jillian Nissen: Neurobiology, Neuroimmunology, Cancer, Gender Differences in Immune Function
  • Christos Noutsos: Plant Biology, Plant Ecology, Plant Genomics
  • Stephen C. Pryor: Environmental Health, Biochemical Genetics of Mosquitoes, Effects of Parasitic Infection on Behavior of Hosts