Book Vouchers

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About online book vouchers

A Book Voucher allows you to purchase textbooks and supplies for the semester and use the book voucher to pay while waiting for your financial aid to disburse. Appropriate supplies may include: pens, pencils, notebooks, binders, calculators, USB drives, computer equipment and accessories, supporting course books and materials. Clothing, food, toiletries, make-up and gift cards are excluded. You are invited to apply for a book voucher. See Application Dates and Valid Dates below.


Full-time students with an anticipated financial aid credit balance are eligible. Students must be in good financial standing with no past-due balances on their account. Check with your Financial Aid Advisor to determine your eligibility. A Book Voucher is valid only for books and educational supplies purchased at the Old Westbury Bookstore.

Application process

Apply through the Connect OW portal under the "Manage My Account" card/"Book Voucher Credit Request Form" link. Fill out the application and hit the submit button which is your approval to use the funds in the bookstore. The Book Voucher is limited to a maximum of $700.00 and cannot exceed the difference between what is owed for the semester and the amount of your anticipated financial aid award. Please read the terms and conditions on the electronic form as the "submit" button is your signature and you are personally responsible for the purchase if financial aid funds are insufficient to cover the semester balance.

Application approval

After the electronic form is received, your application will be evaluated and then you will receive an email in 2 business days if you are eligible to receive a Book Voucher. If not eligible, you will receive an email advising you so. If eligible, the dollar amount will be sent to the bookstore and then you can use the voucher. You must have an Old Westbury Panther Card ID to use your Book Voucher in the store.


Is there a certain date that I can apply for a book voucher?

Can I use it all semester?

YES - There is a certain window of time to apply for a Book Voucher. You will be notified of the dates prior to the start of the semester. 

NO - Book Vouchers expire 10 days after the start of the semester.

do i get my money that i did not spend on my book voucher?

YES - Dollars not spent on the Book Voucher will be returned to the students account after the designated expiration date.

if i applied for a book voucher by mistake and do not want to use it, can i cancel my book voucher?

NO - You will need to wait until the Book Voucher process is over and reconciled. Your unused money will go back on your account.

Does the auxiliary service corporation refund book voucher dollars back to students?

NO - The Bursar is the only office on campus that refunds money to the campus community.