Accounting, M.S.

The U.S. Department of Labor projects growth in the accounting field of 10 percent or more over the next eight years. Now is the time to advance in your career in accounting - or to act if you're thinking of changing to this fast-growing field.

The M.S. in Accounting at SUNY Old Westbury prepares both accounting and non-accounting professionals to advance in or begin a wide range of careers in accounting and business. Students can choose traditional classroom instruction or can complete the degree through a completely online course of study.

The degree program's objective goes beyond technical training in accounting practices. The Old Westbury faculty encourages students to integrate technical knowledge with ethical judgment - with analytical skills that can be adapted to the ever-changing American business climate - and with the ability to communicate with others for the betterment of their organizations and themselves.

Students who wish to be licensed as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in New York State are required to have completed a 150-credit hour program.  The M.S. in Accounting degree is recognized and registered by the New York State Education Department as satisfying the 150-credit hour requirement and also as qualification for a one-year work experience requirement relating to CPA licensure.   

The Traditional M.S.

In The dual track in the M.S. in Accounting enables Accounting and non-Accounting undergraduate majors to obtain the degree. Students with an undergraduate degree in Accounting can generally complete the program in one year through a traditional classroom instruction schedule.

The professional track for non-Accounting majors holding an undergraduate business degree takes two years to complete. Please visit the Admissions and Costs page for details on admissions and pre-requisite requirements.  Students with non-business undergraduate degrees may also apply for this track, but may need to take additional undergraduate business prerequisites.

The Online M.S. 

The Accounting majors track in the M.S. in Accounting can now be completed entirely online by students with an undergraduate degree in Accounting. Completing the degree via the online program may take up to two years.  Visit the Online M.S. in Accounting page for more information about online accounting studies. 


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