What is the most effective and most efficient way for faculty in higher education to find out about new grant opportunities in their unique areas of professional interest? How about getting a team of experienced professionals behind you in the effort? That's one of the great features of InfoEd Global's SPIN database and associated tools known as SMARTS and GENIUS.

For those already familiar with SPIN or confident in their use of databases, feel free to go right to work. Visit the SPIN database search page and enter relevant search data. For those who would like assistance with a search, why not join us at an upcoming SPINPlus workshop this fall or call and make an appointment for a one-on-one session.

At present, SPINPlus can be accessed from any computer on the Old Westbury network. For those who wish to use SPIN at home, drop a line and I will arrange for you to do so, assigning a username and password to gain access.