Public Policy Minor

Degree Type

Faculty Advisors: Martha Livingston (PH), Diana Papademas (SY)

This minor is intended to give students an opportunity to explore the role of government in addressing current issues of public concern.



    Students minoring in Public Policy are required to complete five courses (20 credits), as follows:

    A. Core Courses: two courses (8 credits)

    • IR3140 Labor & Public Policy 

    • PE2220 Urban Issues 

    • PE2650 Introduction to U.S. Politics 

    • PE3690 City & Suburb: Political Action and Change 

    • SY4600 Social Programs, Planning & Policy


    B. Elective courses: three courses (12 credits) 

    • AS4232 History of Social Work & Public Policy

    • BU4780 Government Finance

    • BU5125 Management & Society

    • BU5472 Industrial Organization & Public Policy

    • CR4093 Criminal Justice Administration 

    • PH4750 Aging & Social Policy 

    • PH4760 Health Administration 

    • PH4790 Health Policy 

    • PH4890 Environmental Policy & Politics

    • PE4409 Urban Economics 

    • PE4609 Public Administration 

    • PE4650 Topics in U.S. Politics 

    • PE4655 Constitutional Law & Politics 

    • PE4658 Law and Civil Liberties 

    • PE4659 Law and Civil Rights

    • PY5520 Families & Public Policy 

    • SY3160 Sociology of Culture 

    • SY3750 Medical Sociology 

    • SY4810 Law & Justice 

    • SY4850 Urban & Suburban Sociology


    Students are encouraged to take one internship course as one of their electives in the minor. 

    • AS4202 Internship in Government and Community

    • PE5999 Internship in Politics, Economics and Society 

    • PE9970 New York State Legislative Internship 

    • SY4270 Internship in Social Work, Sociology and Criminology