Industrial and Labor Relations Minor

Degree Type

The Industrial and Labor Relations minor aims to assist students in advancing careers in this area, whether in the private or public sector. Its required courses include Unions and Management; Unions and Public Policy; and Collective Bargaining. There is a wide range of elective courses on topics such as arbitration and mediation; the history of American labor relations; women, minorities and work; and labor and employment law.





    All students are required to complete five courses or 20 credits. No more than one course may be transferred
    from another institution. All courses listed below are four credits.


    A. Required Courses: three courses (12 credits)

    • IR2210 Unions and Management: An Introduction

    • IR3140 Unions and Public Policy

    • IR3300 Collective Bargaining & Grievance Procedures

    B. Elective Courses: two courses (8 credits)

    • IR3120 History of American Labor Relations
    • IR3260 Comparative Labor Relations
    • IR3330 Women, Minorities and the Workplace
    • IR3415 Labor Economics
    • IR3500 Arbitration and Mediation
    • IR3860 Development of the Modern Corporation
    • IR4320 Labor and Employment Law
    • PH4770 Occupational Health
    • SY3910 Sociology of Work