Global Studies Minor

Degree Type

The Global Studies minor offers a transnational perspective that has become critical for college students regardless of their major and career goals. It contains two options. The first option brings together the international and regional courses offered in English (EL), History and Philosophy (HI) and Politics, Economics and Law (PEL). History and Philosophy contributes courses in history and culture (a cross-cultural course from Sociology is also included), English contributes the literature courses, and Politics, Economics and Law the courses in politics, international relations, economics, political economy, and economic history. The second option incorporates foreign language courses from Modern Languages (ML). Teacher Education candidates for New York State secondary school certification will find this minor helpful.



Students minoring in Global Studies are required to complete five courses (20 credits), distributed as follows:

Option 1:

A. Foundation Courses: one course (4 credits)

  • HI4001 Nineteenth Century

  • HI4011 Twentieth Century

  • PE3100 International Relations

  • PE4580 Origins of the Capitalist Economy

B. Elective Courses: four courses (16 credits) - at least one must be taken in each category:

1. International Courses (at least one)
  • HI3040 Analysis of Culture
  • HI3600 Global Geography: People, Places and Environments
  • HI4600 World Regional Geography
  • HI4800 History of India
  • PE3100 International Relations
  • PE3240 Inter-American Relations and Immigration
  • PE3400 Political Economy of the Third World
  • PE3440 International Economics
  • PE3450 Women from a Global Perspective
  • PE4100 International Organizations in the Global Economy
  • PE4150 Terrorism and Politics
  • PE4590 Global Economy in the 20th Century
  • PE4665 Human Rights
  • SY4500 Global Sociology
2. Regional Courses (at least one)
  • EL3700 Survey of World Literature
  • EL3865 Literatures of Asia and the Middle East
  • EL3870 Literatures of Africa
  • EL3880 Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature
  • EL4405 Caribbean Literature
  • EL4600 Literature of India
  • EL4630 Latin American Literature
  • EL4640 French Literature
  • EL4650 Literature of Russia and Eastern Europe
  • HI3080 Asian Cultures
  • HI3091 African Cultures
  • HI3102 Hispanic Heritage
  • HI3110 Latin American Culture
  • HI3640 African History
  • HI3692 Modern Asian History
  • HI3700 Historical Geography of Latin America
  • HI3704 African Religions and Philosophy
  • HI3835 Islamic Cultures
  • HI4308 History of the Modern Middle East
  • HI4632 Japanese History Through Literature
  • HI4800 History of India
  • HI4905 Chinese Civilization
  • PE4660 Politics of South Asia
  • PE4690 Politics of Latin America and the Caribbean

Option 2:

A. Prerequisite: two courses in a foreign language (Liberal Education Curriculum)

B. Two additional foreign language courses (8 credits)

C. Three courses from the curriculum in Option 1 (12 credits): one foundation course one international course one regional course (conforming to the foreign language studied)



Foreign language: It is highly recommended that students choosing Option 1 complete the foreign language domain in their Liberal Education Curriculum program if they currently have no knowledge of a foreign language. 

Economics: Students who are not already taking courses in principles of economics for their major should consider taking PE2420 Principles of Microeconomics and PE2430 Principles of Macroeconomics as general electives.