Forensic Accounting, M.S.

Degree Type
Master of Science

A 2016 report by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners discovered that organizations around the world lose an average five percent of annual revenues to instances of occupational fraud and abuse. This growing global issue is fueling a demand for professionals with the skills and preparation to identify fraud when it occurs, and to inform decision-making processes and develop procedures to protect against it. 

This M.S. in Forensic Accounting at SUNY Old Westbury is the only graduate degree in this specific field to be offered on Long Island.

The SUNY Old Westbury Master of Science in Forensic Accounting is a 30-credit program for students seeking a career in this fast-growing arena as a forensic accountant or fraud examiner.  Offered over a three-semester arc in one calendar year, the program enables students to meet the 150-credit hour requirement to qualify for CPA licensure in New York State. In addition, the program will provide students with a foundation for the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) exam.

Career Paths 

The potential impacts of fraud have virtually no bounds.  The need for trained forensic accounting professionals exists in any organization that must protect security for its intangible assets, uphold its fiduciary duty, and enforce the law.  The list of industries in need of professionals with this education includes public accounting firms, consulting firms specializing in risk consulting and forensic accounting services, law firms, law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, financial institutions, government organizations, and more.

The United States Department of Labor reports that the fields of accounting and financial/fraud examination will experience job growth of 10 percent by 2026.

Students graduating from the M.S. in Forensic Accounting program will be prepared to service this growing need by:

  • Demonstrating a broad and in depth understanding of laws, practice standards, and approaches applicable to forensic accounting

  • Recognizing ethical dilemmas and achieve resolutions in a socially and professionally responsible manners

  • Demonstrating the ability to operate and lead in challenging positions in a competitive global financial environment.

  • Being  effective communicators

  • Having developed extensive research skills

Time to Degree

Students enrolled full-time with an undergraduate Accounting degree and appropriate prerequisites who pursue the Master of Science in Forensic Accounting can complete all the requirements in one academic year (Fall, Spring, and Summer).  Those holding other undergraduate or graduate degrees should consult with the School of Business Graduate Programs Director on questions about the appropriate course of study. 

Classes in the program take place from 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. to accommodate both full- and part-time students.

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