Adolescence Education: Social Studies (7-12), M.A.T.

Degree Type
Master of Arts in Teaching

Adolescence brings many challenges and adjustments for students in grades 7-12.  Central to the success of these students are teachers armed with the knowledge, skills and commitment to student development that, when combined, foster achievement.

To prepare teacher-candidates for professional initial certification for careers in middle and high school education, SUNY Old Westbury offers the Master of Arts in Teaching in Adolescence Education: Social Studies (7-12).

All of SUNY Old Westbury's M.A.T. degrees share general admissions requirements, a pedagogical core, and a content core by discipline specialization. These 42 credit degrees are designed for candidates seeking both a Master’s degree and initial certification in Adolescence Education. After graduation and the satisfaction of the State requirement for paid, full-time classroom experience, candidates may apply for professional certification in Adolescence Education.

Pedagogical training and content specialization are equally emphasized in this degree program, which is offered jointly by the School of Education and the History Department of the School of Arts and Sciences.



M.A.T in Adolescence Education: Social Studies (7-12) – 39 credits

Pedagogy Courses: 24 credits

  • ED6000 Historical, Social, and Philosophical Foundations of Education 3 credits
  • ED6001 Human Growth and Development 3 credits
  • ED6002 Foundations of Literacy 3 credits
  • ED6003 The Exceptional Learner 3 credits
  • ED6085 Methods and Materials of Teaching Social Studies 3 credits
  • ED6095 Literacy, Research, & Technology in Social Studies 3 credits
  • ED6902 Student Teaching [Social Studies] 6 credits

Content Courses 12 credits (Students choose 4 courses among the 5 offered based on their BA)

  • HI6510 Topics in U.S. History 3 credits
  • HI6520 U.S. Constitutional and Political History 3 credits
  • HI6530 Economics: Theories, Tools, and Debates 3 credits
  • HI6540 Topics in European History 3 credits

One of the following courses [offered in rotation; one course required] 3 credits

  • HI6550 Topics in African History
  • HI6560 Topics in Chinese Civilization
  • HI6565 Topics in the History of India
  • HI6570 Topics in Islamic Civilizations
  • HI6580 Topics in Latin American History

Culminating Experience

  • HI7500 Questioning Global History 3 credits

NOTE: To graduate from the program, candidates must have a minimum of 21 credits of graduate or undergraduate courses in history and/or geography and must have fulfilled 11 required areas of content. Details regarding the areas of content are available upon request.


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Xavier Marechaux

Associate Professor, History & Philosophy
Coordinator of Graduate Programs in History Education
Adolescence Education
History & Philosophy
School of Education
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