Event Promotion Channels

The College has several outlets and channels to share the good works and upcoming events sponsored by our faculty, staff, and students. Each channel has a submission process and deadline, and follows appropriate College policies and procedures. If there are any questions or comments, please contact the Office of Public and Media Relations.

Student E-Newsletter: "Student Connections"

The Student Connections newsletter is distributed to all registered students at SUNY Old Westbury on Monday afternoons during the Fall and Spring semesters via campus email. Student Connections highlights upcoming events and deadlines, leadership opportunities, and news from the Department of Athletics and Recreation. Flyers and posters are accepted by JPEG or PNG. The newsletter is sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs, and submissions can be sent to: Danielle Collins, Office of Public & Media Relations, collinsd [at] oldwestbury.edu, prior to the Monday morning for inclusion. 

Faculty and Staff E-Newsletter: "The Current"

The Current is a newsletter distributed to all staff and faculty of the College. It is sent twice weekly via campus email during the Fall and Spring semesters - on Monday and Thursday mornings. During the winter and summer intersessions, The Current is distributed on Monday mornings. Submit your news or event item (3-5 sentence maximum) to: Danielle Collins, Office of Public & Media Relations, +collinsd [at] oldwestbury.edu

. Information must be submitted by 4 p.m. on the Thursday prior for inclusion in a Monday edition and by 4 p.m. on the Tuesday prior for a Thursday inclusion.

Campus Web Calendar

The events calendar on the College's website features events hosted by various departments, faculty and staff members. Any specific event details and information should be submitted to John Butler, Office of Public & Media Relations, butlerj [at] oldwestbury.edu, one week prior to the event for inclusion. If an accompanying image is available, please send via JPEG or PNG format. This information is automatically added to the Event Calendar on the Connect OW portal. 

On-Campus Digital Signage 

Flyers and posters for posting on the on-campus digital signage in the New Academic Building, Campus Center, and Student Union, can be submitted via email to butlerj [at] oldwestbury.edu. Students interested in promoting their events through the on-campus digital signage must get previous approvals by the Center for Student Leadership and Involvement. Submissions must be sent in full, one week prior to the event for inclusion. 

Gate A (Route 107) Digital Sign

Each request for display on the Gate A Digital Sign must be sent to John Butler, Office of Public & Media Relations, butlerj [at] oldwestbury.edu, at least one week prior to the dates requested. Request should include the content (messages are to be 64 total characters – including spaces – or less), dates that the content should run, and contact information.