Graduating Visual Arts Students Showcase Their Skills

Student Showcase at Art Gallery

As a culmination of their studies in SUNY Old Westbury's Visual Arts programs, 17 students showcased their artwork at the Amelie A. Wallace Gallery this month. 

Works included digital animations, augmented reality works, prints, paintings and sculptures. The participating students are graduating with Bachelor's degrees in Fine Arts, Visual Arts or Visual Arts: Electronic Media. 

Three of the featured students highlighted their inspiration, and how Old Westbury prepared them for the exhibit:

Cecile Clarke and her photography

Cecile Clarke, a Visual Arts student from Queens, New York

"My work is called the "Friends & Family Gallery," including photographs representing the personality, careers and beauty of various people in my life. In the first series, I captured their essence in black and white, and in the second, I focused on color, full length and environment. The different poses and features create a cinematic effect. 

I credit Professor Catherine Bernard for helping me achieve this project by teaching me to always look into each detail of my photos to make the viewers study them a little longer. Old Westbury not only prepared me for my goal of becoming a photographer, but helped me to be a stronger person."


Isis Ifill in the Art Gallery

Isis Ilfill, a Bachelor of Fine Arts student from Rockville Centre, New York

"My work in the gallery focuses on impermanence and remembrance through symbolic still lifes. I chose to work with contemporary items, that reflect our current time, to maintain the notion that life is fleeting. I was inspired to create this project by the early painting style called 'vanitas,' which is also a symbolic still life, working with that same theme.

Several Visual Arts faculty assisted with this project, especially Professor Bernard. In the future, I wish to pursue my master's in art therapy. I feel that Old Westbury prepared me for that goal by allowing me space to be creative, and by providing me unwavering support and encouragement."


Luis Palomo with his art exhibit

Luis Palomo, a Bachelor of Fine Arts student with a minor in Digital Design Marketing from Oceanside, New York.

"As a male deaf artist, I am constantly exploring my identity. I have been painting abstracts about my emotions for a few years now. My work is an expression of my identity both as a deaf individual, and a person living a bicultural experience. I have been wanting to showcase the uniqueness of deaf culture as well as what it is like being Deaf in a hearing world.

I’ve learned that when I am feeling uncreative and experiencing a drawing block initially, I need to accept this period as a time to brainstorm and research, and allow an idea to form. Sometimes, my ideas spring out fully formed when I am in an emotional state. I also learned a lot from my professors who would critique my work and guide the improvement of my artistic skills."After graduation next semester, I would like to become an art teacher for the deaf, which would allow me to gain practical teaching experience. I want to help students improve their skills and creative process. I want the students to be in a place where they can enjoy themselves, and feel relaxed and in a good mood."

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