Honors College

Green and yellow Honors College logo

Freshmen, Continuing SUNY Old Westbury students and Transfer students are welcome to apply for admission to the Honors College.

The Honors College at SUNY Old Westbury is more than just academics—it’s a unique college experience that begins before you even arrive on campus and continues beyond graduation. The Honors College serves academically-talented, committed students who wish to pursue and achieve academic excellence. The College strives to ensure an enriched academic and social experience for its members and to create an environment that fosters active, innovative learning.

Only a select group of students are invited each year to join the Honors College. Graduate schools, professional programs and employers all look with strong favor on applicants who have completed the extra challenge of being in an Honors College.

Anthony L. DeLuca, Ph.D.
Director, Honors College
SUNY Old Westbury
New Academic Building, Room 1021
Old Westbury, NY 11568-0210 
delucaa [at] oldwestbury.edu