Honors College Admissions

Freshmen Applicants 

No separate application is required for freshman applicants to be considered for the Honors College. Freshmen are evaluated according to the information they provide on their SUNY application.  Eligibility is determined by a range of criteria, including: 

  • a minimum high school average of approximately 90 or higher  
  • a combined math and reading S.A.T. score of approximately 1180 or higher

Continuing Old Westbury Students  

Admission to the Honors College is not limited only to first-semester freshmen. Continuing Old Westbury students are eligible to apply to the Honors College prior to the start of their sophomore year if they earn a 3.5 cumulative GPA.  

To apply for admission to the Honors College, qualified applicants must submit: 

  • An unofficial academic transcript 
  • A resume 
  • A graded paper from a SUNY Old Westbury course, preferably a research paper 
  • Two letters of recommendation from SUNY Old Westbury professors who have taught you 

All application materials must be sent to Ms. Arlene Felton. Once all materials are received, qualified students will be interviewed by Dr. Jesse Curran, Director of the Honors College.  

Transfer Applicants 

Transfer students may be eligible for admission if they have successfully participated in, or graduated from, another Honors program at the institution the from which they are transferring. Admission is based on past academic performance, and the promise of an equally impressive record at SUNY Old Westbury.