Honors College Curriculum

Honors Courses are courses necessary to complete your degree goals at SUNY Old Westbury, and will likely also meet major and/or general education requirements. Honors College courses are not additional courses, but rather specialized sections of courses taken for your degree. Honors sections of courses will typically be designated with an “H” in registration materials, but students can check with the Honors College if additional options are available. 

To complete the Honors College Curriculum, a student must: 

Complete 26 credits of Honors College course* requirements, which include:  

  • 5 courses designated as Honors (totaling 20 credits) 
  • At an internship, or guided research, or Study Abroad experience (2 credits). Only one of these three experiential learning opportunities is required. 
  • Senior Capstone Experience (4 credits) 
First Year

Fall Term 

  • Honors Section of First-Year Seminar “Ethics of Engagement” (4 credits) 
  • Honors Section of an introductory Arts & Sciences Course (4 credits) 

Spring Term 

  • Honors Section of English Composition 2 (4 credits) 
  • Past offerings include Lyric Poetry of Emotion, and Psychological Themes in Literature 
Second and Third Years

2 Honors Section courses of the student’s choice (8 credits) 

One Experiential Learning Opportunity: Internship OR Guided Research OR Study Abroad (2 credits) 

Fourth year 

Senior Capstone Experience (4 credits) 

*Honors College courses are not “additional” courses. They are courses necessary to complete your degree goals at SUNY Old Westbury.