Academic Programs Incorporating FLOW

First Year Experience Program

The Office of First-Year Experience provides first-year students a supportive environment, rigorous curriculum and enriching educational experiences that foster their personal growth and active engagement in Old Westbury’s richly diverse learning community.

Our goal is to promote academic success, college persistence and classroom and community engagement, by helping first-year students to become intentional learners and develop the intellectual, civic and study skills required to tackle the challenges of college learning and campus living in a multi-cultural environment -- critical thinking, problem-solving, time management, teamwork, financial literacy and self-reflection.

Financial Literacy is required for all students in all sections of the Ethics classes are required to complete two modules, whether in class or assigned as homework. Ethics instructors offer extra credit to students for each module beyond the two required.

In addition, the Money 101 booklet (which provides financial literacy basics) is provided to all participants.

Sophomore Jump Program

The Sophomore Jump program is designed to transition students through their sophomore year and into their major department by their junior year.  We want our sophomores to excel by providing opportunities and support for their academic and professional success. Sophomore Jump offers flexible ways for students to make the most of their second year at SUNY OW. In addition to student skill development workshops, Sophomore Jump offers three programs' students can participate in: The Sophomore Jump Certificate, Faculty-Sophomore Mentorship, and Sophomore Shadow. Through the Sophomore Jump Certificate students will complete a financial literacy track that involves a "Smart Money Skills for College & Beyond" webinar, and the Banzai! Online Interactive Financial Literacy Course. 

Math Redesign Lab

The Math Redesign Lab has incorporated multiple FLOW modules into their math proficiency curriculum to enhance financial literacy.

Each semester the following courses include FLOW modules as prerequisites to assignments:

  • MA1020 College Algebra
  • MA2050 Quantitative Decision Making
  • MA1010 Powertrack Math

Beginning Summer 2022, FLOW modules will also be incorporated into the Equal Opportunity Program (EOP) cohort.

School of Business 

Coming soon in Fall 2022 semester.