FAQ - Payroll

How do I get Direct Deposit?

Direct Deposit is available to all administrative, faculty, staff and students. To enroll in direct deposit please complete a Direct Deposit Form for NYS Employees and submit to the Payroll Office. The average turnaround time this change to take effect is one to two pay periods. Any requests for changes, additions, and cancellations for direct deposit instructions should be reported to Payroll as soon as possible.

I lost my paycheck, what should I do?

Once you have confirmed that your check has been lost or stolen, contact the Payroll Office immediately. You will need to fill out a Request for Stop Payment Form. Once this is completed, and submitted to the Office of the State Comptroller, a replacement check is then sent to the agency in approximately two weeks.

How do I hire a college work study or student assistant employee?

Requests for hiring college work study students should be directed to the Office of Financial Aid, attention College Work Study Coordinator.

If your department hires a Student Assistant to work with you, then you will need to submit a completed Request for Temporary Services form before the student can begin to work. The 4 authorizations to complete, in numerical order, are:

  1. Human Resources – Submit I-9 Documentation;
  2. Vice President – Approval;
  3. Financial Aid – Federal Work Study Eligible/Available check; and
  4. Fiscal/Budget – Approval. Once the completed form is received in the Payroll Office, the student will be added to the payroll system and can begin to work.

Am I able to view my paycheck online?

Yes, employee paychecks are available for viewing as early as the Monday before payday.

  1. Visit the SUNY Human Resources portal
  2. Select “NYS Payroll Online” icon 
  3. Complete the verification process the first time you log in=  
    • First/Last name 
    • One Primary Email Address 
    • Last 4 of SSN 
    • NYS Employee ID  - This 9 digit number is found on your pay statement 
  4. Select “Finish” once your information has been verified 
  5. Once logged in, select “View Paycheck”. This option allows you to view and print current and past paycheck information

I lost or never received my W2. Can I get a replacement?

Yes, current and prior year W2’s are available online. Follow instructions 1–4 in the "Am I able to view my paycheck online?" section earlier on this page. Once logged in, select “View W-2” This option allows you to view and print your W-2’s from the last few years.

How do I update my tax withholdings?

Employees are able to update their Federal and NYS Tax Withholdings through our portal. Follow instructions 1-4 in the "Am I able to view my paycheck online?" section earlier on this page. Once logged in, select “Update Tax Withholding”. This option will allow you to view and update your Federal and NYS Tax information. Changes should take effect within one to two pay periods. 

Can I view or change my direct deposit accounts online?

Yes, employees are able to view their direct deposit distribution online.  Follow instructions a. – d. in number 4. above. Once logged in, select “View Direct Deposit Account(s)”. This option allows you to view your direct deposit account details

If you need to update/cancel your direct deposit, you will not be able to do that online. Any changes or cancellations to one’s direct deposit should be submitted to the Payroll Office immediately. Failure to do so may result in funds being sent to incorrect or closed accounts.

Can I go paperless and discontinue receiving my direct deposit stubs?

Yes, now that employees are able to view their pay stubs online, all are encouraged to discontinue receiving their direct deposit statements. Follow instructions a. – d. in number 6. above. Once logged in, select “Update Pay Statement”. If you wish to go paperless, Select “I do not want a printed copy of my pay statement sent to me”.  Click “Save”, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.  If you are already enrolled in direct deposit, you will see the “Pay Statement Print Option” page.