Capital Planning

The Office of Capital Planning is responsible for new and renovation work that grows and changes the visible face and backbone of infrastructure systems at a large scale. The Facilities Division advises Capital Planning of major and other critical replacements when regular maintenance or parts replacements are no longer a viable or cost effective option. Along with the buildings, other infrastructure developments are coordinated within this area. In collaboration with the State University Construction Fund (SUCF) and the Campus, projects are determined by our growth, useful life of equipment and needs for renovation or reconfiguration.


designing, planning & budget
  • Responsible for adapting budgetary concerns to uphold the mission of the campus Future Master Plan (FMP), budgeting and implementation for Strategic Initiative SUCF and Campus Projects. 
  • Review and approval of all major initiatives or changes to “FMP” with the President’s Office, Division of Business and Finance and various committees, including student government. As Co-Chairmen of a “Planning Infrastructure and Operations Committee” the office regularly reviews project schedules and comments of University constituents.
  • Represents the needs of the campus programs and infrastructure to the SUCF.
  • Manages Capital fiscal year cycle and five- to ten-year overall budgets.
  • Responsible for hiring Professional Consultants and Contractors through RFP and bid process to design and construct campus projects.
  • Insures projects meet or exceed “Green” building standards and achieve LEED certification in as many areas as possible.
  • Responsible for financial accounts, applications, requests for purchases, budget management, approvals, schedule, conduct, productivity and review.
  • Advises the campus on design, budget and management of non-Capital funded projects, initiatives as well and NYS Governmental programs.
  • Maintains an archive of building plans and campus maps.
  • Maintains building condition and space inventory information.
  • Setting and regulating campus-wide furniture, flooring, window treatments, signage and other finish standards.
  • Initiating a campus wide “Capital Project Request” system whereby all divisions may apply for work or replacements in their area.
Project Management
  • Responsible for management of projects through Site Representatives and direct coordination with project team. Projects and Design Study Reports are used to monitor projects as they progress
  • Works closely with campus Facilities to insure outside contractor work is coordinated with base infrastructure needs, system controls and routine scheduled maintenance.
  • Monitors and evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness relating to consultants, contractors and project schedules.
  • Maintains positive student, user and consultant relations for all projects.
  • Attend project meetings, review and provide motivation to ensure the maximum user satisfaction is achieved.
  • Review and approvals of changes to any project of contract.
  • Maintain positive environment through interpersonal communication with campus constituents and contractors.
  • Build capabilities through programs that grow technical and design skills and develop management and communication skills.