Campus Safe Spaces

Safe space is a fluid metaphor that is largely used to describe the learning environment of a classroom, however, it can and has been used to describe any physical space that “allows students to feel secure enough to take risks, honestly express their views, and explore their knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors” (Holley and Steiner, 2005, p. 50) without fear of retribution. As a larger social picture, safe spaces are environments where community members can find a place to openly discuss issues or topics connected to a wide variety of identity related subjects including, but not limited to: the LGBTIA+ community, racism, sexism, social justice, disabilities, religion and spirituality.  

Adapted from Safe Spaces at WPI

Safe/Brave Spaces at SUNY Old Westbury

  • Collaborative Media Center 
  • Counseling & Psychological Wellness, Room LL100
  • CSLI, Student Union, Suite 309
  • Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
  • Office of First Year Experience, Student Union, Room 313 A-E
  • Math Redesign Lab CC L249
  • Honors College Director's Office, NAB 1021 
  • Office of Communications & University Relations, Campus Center, H-300
  • Office of Dr. Jill Crocker, NAB 2037
  • Office of Dr. Martha Livingston, Natural Science Bldg., S-243
  • Office of Residential Life
  • Office of Services for Students with Disabilities, NAB 2064, 2065
  • Office of Student Affairs, Campus Center, H-418 
  • Student Health Center
  • The Women's Center, Student Union 301k