Freedom of Information Requests

As a state agency, the State University of New York at Old Westbury is subject to the Freedom of Information Law. We have posted the regulations, as required, on our website, and at the Office of Human Resources.

A person, outside agency or group may request information from our University by writing the Records Access Officer, Teseria Ezzell. The request must reasonably describe the record or records that are being requested, and be as specific as possible (i.e., indicate dates, titles, specific files and designations, as appropriate). Reasonable fees may be charged for duplication of materials or for clerical assistance.

On May 3, 2005, Governor Pataki signed into law an amendment to New York's Freedom of Information Law. The Committee on Open Government has summarized the law as follows:

"When an agency receives a request, §89(3) of the Freedom of Information Law requires that it has five business days to grant or deny access in whole or in part, or if more time is needed, to acknowledge the receipt of the request in writing. The acknowledgement must include an approximate date that indicates when an agency will grant or deny the request. If more than twenty additional business days are needed, the agency must provide an explanation and a date certain within which it will grant or deny the request in whole or in part. That date, too, must be reasonable in consideration of the facts (i.e., the volume or complexity of the request, the need to search for records, or the obligation to review records to determine rights of access)."

Please direct questions or FOIL requests to the College's Records Access Officer:

Teseria Ezzell
SUNY Old Westbury
P.O. Box 210
Old Westbury, NY 11568-0210

Any person, group, or agency who feels that the College has denied a request unfairly may appeal within 30 days. Appeals must be in writing, stating the reason, and should be sent to:

FOIL Appeals Officer
The State University of New York
H. Carl McCall SUNY Building – 353 Broadway
Albany, NY 12246