El Conuco, Latinx and Ibero-American Center

Studying and promoting Latinx, Latin American, and Iberian Cultures

Founded in 2003 as the Hispanic Latino Cultural Center (HLCC) within SUNY Old Westbury's conglomerate of academic institutions, El Conuco celebrates the Latin American and Iberian multiverses emphasizing their Amerindian and African components, as well as investigating and problematizing their Ibero-American dimension. The Center serves the metropolitan New York area by presenting academic presentations and seminars, theatrical events, art exhibits, and concerts  geared towards improving the overall understanding, among people from all walks of life, of the contribution to the global cultural ecosystem made by the Latinx, Latin American, and Iberian cultures.


Leadership & Advisors


Board of Directors

Angel L. Lara, Ph.D, Director
Assistant Professor, Modern Languages

Sonia Assa, Ph.D., Associate Director
Associate Professor, Modern Languages

Ruben Gonzalez, Ph.D., Associate Director
Professor, Modern Languages

Fernando Guerrero, Ph.D., Associate Director
Associate Professor and Chair, Modern Languages

Kathleen O’Connor-Bater, Ph.D., Associate Director
Associate Professor, Modern Languages


Advisory Board

Jesse Fernandez, Ph.D., Associate Director
Professor Emeritus, Modern Languages

Zenaida Madurka, Ph.D.., Associate Director
Professor Emeritus, Modern Languages

Anna Maria Hernandez, Ph.D.
Professor, Laguardia Community College (CUNY)

Ana Martinez, M.S.
EOP Department (Retired), SUNY Old Westbury

Marianela Santurio
Concert Pianist