Advisor Responsibilities

Advisors explain Liberal Education requirements and the different academic programs offered at SUNY Old Westbury.  Advisors explain Old Westbury’s requirements for proficiency in Writing and Math, and make sure students understand the steps they need to take in order to achieve proficiency.  

Advisors help students understand the coursework they need to complete, and the grades they need to achieve, in order to meet their educational and professional goals. When a student is having difficulty making progress in their intended major, advisors will work with students to explore alternative choices.  

Advisors respond to student emails and phone messages in a timely manner and always make supporting students a top priority.  Advisors keep accurate records of all advising sessions and other student interactions in order to accurately track and monitor student progress.

Advisors are committed to serving a culturally and economically diverse student body and assisting students with unique learning needs.  When necessary, advisors will refer students to appropriate support services on campus