Students pursuing the MA in Liberal Studies have great latitude to design the degree around personal or career goals. To plan successfully, students need a good sense of how course requirements, electives and capstone options fit their own needs.

MALS students meet with the Graduate Director at least twice during the course of the degree.

  • In the student’s first semester, the Graduate Director meets with each student to answer questions and discuss student goals. The student can bring any concern to the meeting, but the focus is the program’s basic requirements and options. The purpose is to help students make informed choices. In this early stage, students do not commit to an Area of Study or capstone, but rather explore courses across a variety of disciplines.
  • Near the mid-point of the degree, when the student is enrolled in the fifth course, students meet again with the Graduate Director. The purpose of this meeting is to prepare for the Capstone experience: the Thesis or Internship. Students begin to select courses that provide knowledge, skills and contacts suitable for the Capstone project. Those selecting the Thesis Option will be guided toward an appropriate faculty advisor, while those opting for the Internship begin to explore possible placements.

Students may schedule additional advising sessions as needed - when potential problems arise, to discuss progress in the degree, or for any other reason. To schedule an appointment, send an email to the Graduate Director, Professor Amanda Frisken (friskena [at]; be sure to indicate the topic and personal scheduling constraints.