Digital Design Marketing Minor

The Digital Design Marketing minor is an interdisciplinary offering that empowers students from all disciplines with the knowledge they need to attain employment in today’s highly competitive, digitally-driven business environments. The goal of the curriculum is to provide the technological skills of interactive web and digital media with the marketing acumen to competently deliver optimal provider outcomes with cutting edge expertise and elegance. Students will learn how to develop successful marketing plans and design effective visual communications that engage the conception, pricing, distribution and promotion of well-conceived brands with unique identities. In conjunction with an academic foundation in marketing skills and graphic design, students learn to use Adobe Creative Suite software: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash and ePub, applied to designing page layout, logos, and typography for packaging, poster, book, e-book, environmental designs and mobile applications. The overall objective is to provide experiential know-how for the graduate to compete as an entrepreneur, marketer or employee empowered with today’s latest skills and abilities.