Curriculum- Adolescence Education: Social Studies (7-12), M.A.T.

M.A.T in Adolescence Education: Social Studies (7-12) – 42 credits 

CRN Course Credits
  Pedagogy Courses 24
ED6000 Historical, Social, and Philosophical Foundations 3
ED6001 Human Growth and Development 3
ED6002 Foundations of Literacy 3
ED6003 The Exceptional Learner 3
ED6085 Methods and Materials of Teaching Social Studies 3
ED6095 Literacy, Research, & Technology in Social Studies 3
ED6093 Student Teaching ( Social Studies) 6
  Content Courses 15
HI6510 Topics in U.S History 3
HI6520 U.S Constitutional and Political History 3
HI6530 Economics:Theories, Tools, and Debates 3
HI6540 Topics in European History 3
  Topics in African, Asian, Islamic, Latin American, Civilizations ( Offered in 3 credits rotation; one course required)  
HI6550 Topics in African History  
HI6560 Topics in Chinese Civilization  
HI6565 Topics in the History of India  
HI6570 Topics in Islamic Civilizations  
HI6580 Topics in Latin American History  
  Culminating Experience  
HI7500 Questioning Global History 3