Meet the Advisors

Academic Advising Center Team

Yumi Nicholson, Senior Academic Advisor
Photo of Yumi Nicholson

A Tokyo native Yumi (pronounce like you-me) originally came to the US as an International Student.  After completing her AA degree in Technical Theatre at Nassau Community College, she transferred to Baruch College.  Unfortunately, her study there was interrupted due to the 9-11.  Avoiding traveling to/from the City, she completed her BA in Comparative Humanities* at SUNY Old Westbury. Her master's degree in Liberal Studies was completed exclusively online at Stony Brook University as she was rearing her son.

Her career as an Academic Advisor started at Nassau Community College while working as a Student Aid for the ESL Office.  She played an active role as a Peer Advisor to assist fellow students for course registration and was offered a part-time advisor position at NCC upon graduation.  She continued to work there while attending Old Westbury and advanced to the current Academic Advising Center at Old Westbury as a full-time advisor in 2006 shortly after her graduation with her bachelor's degree.

She is a liaison for the Chemistry, Math & CIS, Modern Languages, and Visual Arts Departments and works closely with those departments to gather information regarding their major programs (Biochemistry, Chemistry, Mathematics, CIS, MIS, Spanish Language & Literature, Spanish Literature & Culture, and Visual Arts) to pass onto the fellow advisors. She is also an administrative coordinator of General Education that is a liaison for SUNY and Old Westbury.

Her approach to getting to the roots of your interests and paying attention to details will help you to lay your academic roadmap out with clarity.  Please be ready to answer a bunch of questions Yumi throws at you when you meet her!

Kailin Janes, Academic Advisor, Sophomore Jump Coordinator

Kaitlin started her college journey as a transfer to Stony Brook University where she studied psychology and sociology as a double major. As a commuter student, Kaitlin found it challenging to get involved on campus. She decided to apply for an on-campus internship to get more involved while still earning credit toward her degree. Kaitlin became an Academic Peer Advisor intern and this opportunity started her journey into the field of higher education. After earning her undergraduate degree, she entered Stony Brook University's Masters of Higher Education Administration program. While earning her graduate degree she worked in the Student Services office for the College of Business and as a graduate intern for the Career Center. Kaitlin's experiences teaching transfer student seminars and introductory courses on career decision making for first- and second-year students, sparked her passion for helping students develop skills needed to succeed both academically and professionally.  Kaitlin is a strong supporter of the non-linear career path and exploring options before making the final decision. Kaitlin's professional career began by working in CUNY and has since worked for both private and public institutions before finding her home at SUNY Old Westbury.  

Photo of Kailin Janes

At Old Westbury, in addition to advising for the School of Arts & Sciences, Kaitlin coordinates the Sophomore Jump program. Sophomore Jump is a second-year experience program designed to engage our second-year students and assist them with choosing their major, developing professional goals, identifying a career path, and developing the skills needed to successfully continue their journey through graduation and beyond. Through the Sophomore Jump program, she hosts a variety of skill development workshops such as Degree Planning, Majors in Minutes, and Get the Rec'. These workshops are open to all students by the way! 

Sophomore Jump also offers exclusive opportunities for second-year students such as the Faculty-Sophomore Mentor Program and Sophomore Shadow Semester. Check out the Sophomore Jump page to learn more!  

When Kaitlin is not at work, she is at home baking, drawing, painting, crafting, or playing with her cat and dog. She believes you should always hold on to your creative interests; being creative helps you become a better problem solver in all areas of your life and work.  

Departmental Liaison to American Studies, English, History & Philosophy, Biological Sciences.

Pronouns: She, Her, Hers.


Jon Kleinman, Academic Advisor, Editor Unfettered Inquiry


Photo of Jon Kleinman
During workshops and presentations, academic advisors will often tell students that they can pursue a non-linear career path.  Jon feels strongly about this as his career path has been quite non-linear.  In college, he was a Philosophy major with a minor in Psychology.  He then earned an MA in Counseling Psychology.  While pursuing his graduate degree, he began working as a volunteer at a crisis line for distressed parents.  The crisis line was operated by the Parental Stress Service, a non-profit organization that sought to reduce child abuse through counseling, education, and community outreach.  The volunteer position ultimately led to a paid job.  Jon also worked in a residential treatment facility where mothers recovering from substance abuse and domestic violence lived with their children. 

Jon has been working as an academic advisor at SUNY Old Westbury since 2007.  He is a certified Meyers Briggs Type Inventory practitioner and is one of the professional staff who serves on the faculty senate.  Jon has given two presentations at the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Northeast regional conference and has written several book reviews for the NACADA Journal.  In 2013, Dean of Arts and Sciences Barbara Hillary approached him about starting an annual magazine for the School of Arts and Sciences.  With the help of Assistant Dean Cris Notaro, Community Relations Assistant John Butler, and Vice President for Communications Mike Kinane, Unfettered Inquiry has grown into an annual publication.  Each issue highlights the work of our students and faculty and promotes Old Westbury’s values of diversity and social justice.  Jon’s devotion to writing continues outside of his job.  He “moonlights” as a music journalist, writing reviews of albums and concerts and interviewing musicians for several publications. 

Jon serves as the Advising Center’s liaison to the Psychology, Sociology, Public Health and Politics Economics and Law departments.  Jon particularly enjoys working with students majoring in the Social Sciences but is glad to help all students plan their education and discover the many learning opportunities available at Old Westbury.