Safety Resources

Campus Crime Alert

The University Police Department, in conjunction with the surrounding municipal police departments and the Nassau County Police Department, maintains a constant line of communication in which information relative to all aspects of security is transferred from department to department. In the course of such communication of information, if a determination is made that there exists a threat to our community, or if a series of crimes occurs on campus or in the immediate vicinity of the college where a notification to the college community is thought to be prudent, a Campus Crime Alert will be initiated by the Chief or Deputy Chief of Police. This crime alert will be distributed to the community as a whole or to a specific area of the college determined to be at risk. The alert will detail the nature of the crime, identify subjects if available and provide guidance as to safety precautions that should be considered. The Crime Alert will be distributed as soon as possible after the event and shall be distributed as follows:

  • Campus-wide e-mail to students, faculty and staff
  • The campus website (with Police/Safety link)
  • The student newspaper, the Catalyst
  • Postings at main entrance doors to academic and residence hall buildings
  • Emergency Televideo System

Daily Log

The University Police Department maintains a daily log of crimes and incidents that occur on campus that is available to the public at the University Police Department Headquarters, located in the rear parking lot of the Student Union Building, and can be viewed by appointment. This information is recorded by date, time, general location and disposition of the complaint. Please note that entries or updates are generally made on the day in question and within two business days after the event occurs. Some restrictions may be made to the release of this information in accordance with the protections afforded student information via the Buckley Amendment of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). Incidents or situations deemed to pose a threat to the campus community are logged as soon as possible. While most events are logged, the Chief of University Police may determine that an incident should be classified as “confidential" to avoid jeopardizing a criminal investigation or the identity of certain victims.

The University Police Department also maintains an electronic crime log of all crimes reported to the Department which identifies by crime classification, case number, date, time, general location and disposition if available. This electronic crime log is also available to the public and can be viewed by appointment and requests for such access may be made during business hours Monday thru Friday. Access to the electronic crime log may be restricted as noted above.

Emergency Telephones

SUNY Old Westbury has emergency telephones placed at strategic locations on campus that have immediate contact with the University Police Department. These phones are located in the front of each Academic Village Residence Hall, within the central area of Academic Village, and in the front and rear of each new residence hall. Emergency phones are also located in the Campus Center parking lot and east overpass to the building, in the parking at the Academic Village near the handicapped parking, and at locations on the Ring Roadway circling the campus.