Curriculum- Taxation, M.S.

This 30-credit program is configured for students who will previously have completed the requirements for a B.S. in Accounting. The undergraduate degree must include courses in Accounting  including: Cost Accounting, Federal Income Taxation, Advanced Accounting (with gov’t & not for profit coverage), Auditing, Commercial Law (6 credits), Business Statistics (3 credits), Calculus (3 credits), Financial Management, Macro & Micro Economics (6 credits), Business Communications (2 credits), and Business Electives as well as the usual complement of general education and liberal arts courses.  

Course Name


Professional & Business Core  
BU 7570 Tax for Corporate Managers  3 credits
BU 7571 Tax Ethics, Practice, & Procedures 3 credits
BU 7572 Taxation of S Corps, Partnerships, & LLCs 3 credits
BU 7574  Estate & Gift Taxation 3 credits
BU 7575 Taxation of Reorganizations & Liquidations 3 credits
BU 7579 Tax & Accounting Research 3 credits
BU 7xxx Business or Accounting Electives 6 credits
Professional Electives (Select 2)   
BU 7573  Multi-State Taxation 3 credits
BU7581 Taxation of Estates & Trusts 3 credits
BU 7582 International Taxation   3 credits

Total Credits Required:

30 credits

Available Business Electives:

  • BU 7110 Organizational Behavior & Ethics    
  • BU 7210 Statistics for Financial Analysis and Planning 
  • BU 7320 Marketing Strategies & Information Technology 
  • BU 7740 Financial Management for Planning and Analysis 
  • BU7760 Global Finance

Available Accounting Electives:

  • Any 7000 level Accounting course from the MS in Accounting curriculum