Media and Communications Minor

Degree Type

The media play a role in every aspect of life. Our economy, our politics, our culture, and even our personal identities are formed in media consumption and production. Media analysis is a critical tool in understanding and functioning in contemporary society. “Media literacy” has become a basic educational need. A minor in Media and Communications can be a valuable credential for students majoring in or considering a career in government, politics, business, media, advertising, marketing, public relations or education.





The minor consists of 20 credits:

A. Foundation Course (required) 

  • AS2802 Introduction to Journalism and Media


B. Media Studies Courses (two courses required) 

  • AS2652 Media Studies
  • AS2700 The Engaged Eye
  • AS3310 Citizen to Consumer
  • AS3492 Women and the Media
  • AS3632 History of US Film
  • AS3712 American Film Genres
  • AS3722 History of Mass Media
  • AS3732 Politics of Media
  • AS3735 Documentary Media Studies
  • AS3742 Myths & Images in Film
  • AS3745 Film and Gender
  • AS3810 Music and Media
  • AS3842 African-Americans in the Mass Media
  • AS3852 Women and the Media
  • AS4160 Special Topics in Media Studies
  • AS4280 Global Media
  • AS4722 Film: Ideas and Aesthetics
  • AS4725 The Photograph and American Culture
  • AS4732 Political Film
  • AS4802 Investigative Reporting
  • AS4850 Digital Revolution
  • CR3200 Crime, Media and Culture
  • SY4651 Sociology of Communications and Media


C. Production Courses (two courses required)

Select two production courses from the offerings in print journalism, video, radio, television, or new media.