Marketing Minor

Degree Type

The minor in Marketing is designed to provide a concentration for students with a nominal background in business. The minor may be valuable for liberal arts majors, such as media and communications majors, to gain a competitive edge in their careers. The requirements and prerequisites make it a feasible option for many students who seek in-depth knowledge of marketing’s role in the success and survival of all organizations, including businesses and non-profit organizations.

Key environmental factors are analyzed which influence organizations in a global marketplace. Students will learn how to develop effective domestic and global marketing strategies for products/services, distribution, pricing and promotion. (Promotion includes advertising, selling, sales promotion, direct marketing and public relations). The significant impact of the internet, new technologies and ethical issues on marketing strategies are also addressed from domestic and global perspectives.




    The minor requires a total of five courses, distributed as follows:


    A. Foundation Courses: four courses

    • BU3800 Marketing Principles

    • BU4851 Consumer Behavior

    • BU4820 International Marketing

    • BU5880 Brand Theory and Strategy


    B. Elective Courses: one of the following

    • BU5841 Strategic Marketing

    • BU5891 Marketing Seminar